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A multi-airport, multi-terminal, pure web solution for airports using bleeding edge technologies with a highly configurable and scalable architecture. Designed primarily to run on Linux, encourages huge savings in the licensing cost, both in terms of software and operating systems. The solution is designed for fault tolerance and high availability, on-premise and cloud hosting for full flexibility. Maptell Wings software can digitally transform your airport by providing a boost to your evolving processes and improving the efficiency and quality of customer service and thereby increasing revenue.


An industry-ready plan off-the-shelf for the airports with modules that allow easy customization. The granularity is evident and pre-built in the Maptell Wings as a whole, starting from each and every minor module it encompasses. The system is envisaged with a modular and granular onion architecture. It can either be installed as a single product or can be coupled with third-party airport systems seamlessly using standard interfaces.


When you try to bring together the component sub-systems into one system, lack of proper communication can be calamitous. Maptell Wings is equipped with one of the best designed, standards-based messaging and communication engine that supports a wide array of industry-standard Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) messages,Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) messages and IATA Type B Messages.


In the world of prohibitively expensive and time-consuming airport software system implementations, Maptell Wings is a breeze as it is a pre-integrated digital suite with low cost of ownership and maintenance. Maptell Wings modules are completely event-driven with real-time notifications to all the attached systems and thereby significantly reduce the risks and follows a rapid implementation methodology to reduce costs.


As the airport industry advances with better technology, business intelligence and data analytics, collaboration is a prime component to minimize delays, improve the safety and increase air and ground capacity. The real-time push notifications and messaging mechanism in Maptell Wings help collaboration within the airport systems and facilitate operational issues analysis in a rapid fashion.


Maptell Wings will give you a birds-eye view of all ongoing operations in the airport through powerful dashboards and reports. This will help you to understand the current situation, profitability and performance of the airport. The historical data stored in the core database can be analyzed and the results obtained can be used to assist the airport and ground handlers to take better decisions.

Maptell Wings Advantages

Maptell Wings software can digitally transform your airport by providing a boost to your evolving processes and improving the efficiency and quality of customer service and thereby increasing revenue. The key advantages of Wings include

  • Built from scratch
  • Rule based configurations
  • Zero client Web based application
  • Built on technology standards
  • Configurable look and feel, views, rules and validations
  • Total airport solution with slot coordination, scheduling and planning
  • Platform independent - Runs on most of the platforms
  • Device independent. Works on any device that supports HTML5
  • Built around multi-node multi-master always nn Database
  • Automatic failover facility available
  • One-by-one upgrades with zero downtime
  • Point in time recovery
  • Mobile friendly UI design
  • Supports context based rules
  • A-CDM ready application
  • Collaborative flight updates
  • Custom fields and tables
  • Custom validations and rules
  • Custom themes with color palettes, fonts and layouts
  • Designed for all airport users

Fly To The Future

Maptell Wings is designed to provide thrust and up-stroke to the day to day operations of airports irrespective of their type. Let it be a Standard Airport, Advanced ATC TWR Airport, or a full swing CDM Airport, Maptell Wings® is designed to give wings to it, both technically and operationally.

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