Zorba IoT Platform

Track Vehicles and Assets Anywhere Anytime!

Zorba is an Internet of Things platform for intelligent transportation and asset management with a wide range of capabilities. The state-of-the art combination of Internet, Mobile Communication, Global Positioning System (GPS) and sensors help you to manage your vehicle, whether it is a single vehicle or an entire fleet, assets and mobile workforce. Our unique hardware designs and sophisticated mapping technologies provide the tools to increase your fecundity, and cost effectiveness.

Zorba Fleet

Zorba can be used to track vehicles, static and moving objects and mobile workforce. In addition to these, advanced tracking features improve employee productivity and safety. Tracking functionality includes real-time tracking, route history viewing, vehicle history reporting and driving pattern analysis.

Zorba School

Zorba for schools is a fleet management and vehicle location alert system. For the school Administrators, Zorba is a powerful fleet management solution helping them to locate buses, reduce operating costs, trace routes, monitor speed, increase efficiency and provide better and safe service to students.

Zorba EMS

Zorba Emergency Management System (Zorba EMS) is a useful service for hospitals and public health departments. Zorba EMS helps to identify the nearest ambulance and medical facilities. Hospitals and health departments can create a network of ambulances and better coordinate the resources.

Zorba Platform Features

Our unique software design and sophisticated mapping technologies provide the tools to run a productive and cost-efficient fleet. It also assures better security to your assets. Wherever it is.

Fleet Administrator

It allows administrators to add, edit or delete customers (user group) and users on your system. The software is designed in such a way that it can be used for providing services in an Application Service Provider (ASP) model.

Communication Center

The Communication Centre controls the data communication between the devices and the server. It also handles the manual messages that are sent to various user groups and users. This will include Job schedule messages, Job dispatch messages and Voice communication.

Location Server

The quality of the geographical service and map support is one of the critical parts of the tracking solution. Zorba Location Server handles the mapping functionality and GIS support in a magnificent way.

Alert Manager

All system generated messages based on rules defined by the user or the device are handled by the alert manager. Alert Email and SMS templates in the Fleet Administrator can be used for adding custom alerts.

Maps as you go - Custom Maps

Maptell uses custom map data to visualize the location of vehicles and assets. We have one of the richest vector map data repositories for Indian Subcontinent. We can add additional digital spatial data and Point Of Interests content as per the client requirements.

Hardware Support

We support a number of GPS and RFID hardware devices from various vendors and the list of devices is constantly growing. We also provide mapping and reporting support to users of third-party tracking and fleet management software.

Zorba User Advantages

Zorba solution can increase the productivity of your fleets, assets and mobile resources. Zorba versions are available for a large number of verticals. It supports a large number of GPS tracking devices and gadgets. The key advantages of Zorba include

  • Get exact locations of assets, vehicles and workforces
  • Vehicle location overlay on detailed maps
  • Multiple user access from anywhere to monitor the movement
  • Playback or history of the route taken for a period
  • Provision to create custom landmark locations and stops
  • Geo fencing/route fencing
  • Fleet maintenance reports and alerts
  • Alerts through SMS or Email
  • App available for Web and Mobile platforms
  • Supports a large number of hardware devices
  • Saves money by minimizing fuel and maintenance costs
  • Higher safety and security
  • Schedule and Itinerary adherence
  • Log of exact distance traveled and stoppage time
  • Travel time calculation and optimization
  • Punctuality and improvement in driving pattern
  • Control over unauthorized and unscheduled stoppages
  • Better data analysis
  • Unlimited geocoding and reverse geocoding capability
  • Better reconciliation of dispatched assets

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Zorba is an advanced cloud based platform for connected devices. You may use the application for tracing assets both indoor and outdoor assets. Please download our brochure to know more about it.

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